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Interesting facts about the smallest bones in the human body namely the three little bones in the middle ear. These bones are the malleus, the incus and stapes bones or hammer, anvil and stirrup bones. Their embryology is absolutely fascinating considering that they start to form as early as the sixth week of pregnancy and by the 23rd week the three little bones have completed their transformation into the ossicles, which remain with you all your life and are integral in the hearing acuity. These bones connect the eardrum to the inner ear and relay the sound waves to the inner ear. In the inner ear, the mechanical waves convert, or trans induce, into an electrical impulse, which then relays to the brain for interpretation. Another interesting fact is that the incus, although minute in size, is the hardest bone in the body. If hearing loss occurs by disruption of these little bones due to trauma, or a bone disease, which causes calcification, this can be surgically fixed. Next time you look at your ear in the mirror just consider the intricate nature of the mechanism which helps you to hear and communicate.